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Dennis Champion

Most business owners focus on building revenue. That’s WRONG! Building profits is what feeds your family… but almost no business owner understands how to build profit without building revenue. They think you can’t build one without the other, and they’re wrong.
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Business Startup Success

Here is your startup roadmap for business success. Remember, never start a business without a dream team: Superpower Brand Habit Forming Product or Service Large Cult-like Universe Big Profit Margin Scale On Day One If you are transitioning from being a 9-5 employee to a self-made entrepreneur, then you must be coached in mindset shift because entrepreneurship without the proper mindset is challenging. Step into your power and grab the entrepreneurial bull by the horn: Superpower Brand: The brand is you, your company, and your brand story. It must be so powerful that it crush the competition out of existence. The

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Make it Pop!

There are 5 major components to good advertising copy (The order of these is essential to success): Command Attention; Showcase Benefits of Products and/or Services; Prove the Benefits; Persuade People to Embrace the Benefits; Call to Advertising is sales in print. So you need to consider how to showcase the unique benefits your products/services offer in a persuasive way. The emphasis must be on results, not features. Let’s take a minute to reflect on each of the components: Command Attention: This is most often accomplished with a You need an attention-grabber that compels your audience to find out more about

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